Local Business Internet Marketing Strategies

Now more than at any other time in history, there are more opportunities to profitably promote your business on the Internet than ever before. It doesn’t matter if you have a local or international company, through search engine optimization, email marketing, pay per click advertising and local listings, you have the ability to connect with a worldwide audience. Or you have the ability to connect with your local audience as well.

Let’s face it. People look for local products on the Internet all the time. They look for companies that have an online presence, and if you don’t you’re going to have a difficult time succeeding in today’s business world.

Below we will share information about how to properly promote your local business. The main techniques include:

  • Creating local listings in directories and search engines.
  • Advertising online through Yahoo and Google Pay Per Click.
  • SEO a.k.a. search engine optimization.
  • Email marketing.

Let’s dive right into it…

Creating Local Listings

It’s extremely important to note that you can promote your local business on the internet even if you do not have your own website. As an example, you have the ability to list your company contact information in the local search engines like Google and Yahoo. It will take you an hour, for the most part, in order to get a free local listing for your company. Please realize that you’re getting this listing on to the biggest search engines in the world.

Here’s the great thing…

Not only will you get this free listing, but it will also include some very special perks as well. It will provide an interactive map that can direct customers’ right to your office or store front location. You can share information about your company and let people know about the products and services that you offer.

Another great resource to potentially tap into is using Verizon Superpages to get a free listing. That’s one more way to get your message out in front of the right prospects. You can even use the AOL directory as well. There are many free local directories that you can use online. Many of them are free, but some to charge a small fee. But again, the most important thing to note is that having a pre-existing website is not required.

Advertising via Pay Per Click

If you are the proud owner of a company website, it would be in your best interest to promote it using the pay per click marketing services at Google and Yahoo. By advertising this way, you have the opportunity to bid against other local companies in your area by bidding on specific keyword terms for your niche. There are genuinely 10 or 11 spots opened on each page of the search results for both of these companies. Depending on how much you’re willing to bid, your listing will be placed in one of those slots. And if there are more than 10 or 11 companies searching for the same phrase, your ad could potentially spill over to the second page or third page of the search results, depending on how many companies are bidding on keyword phrases.

In the end, it all depends on how competitive your market is and how much you are willing to spend per click. After using the Google and Yahoo advertising platforms for a while, you’ll learn how to properly optimize your campaigns so that you’re getting the most cost-effective clicks and the best potential prospects all at the same time.

PPC is a great way to advertise. And it’s excellent because you can have it up and running within the hour, bringing targeted traffic to your website right away. This is quite appealing to many looking to grow their business as quickly as possible.

Free Traffic via Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is free if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, on the other hand, then you’ll usually have to hire an SEO consultant or a company that can take care of the SEO for you. This is a lot cheaper than advertising via pay per click for the most part, and many business owners start out their marketing this way.

As long as your website is properly optimized, you can take advantage of the free traffic offered by the search engines. In essence you are partnering with the search engines by providing quality content that your customers want to read. The search engines love this and they are happy to promote your website at the top of their list if they feel that their customers are going to like the content.

Local Email Marketing

As a business owner, one of the best ways to promote your company is via email. You can use methods like search engine optimization and pay per click advertising in order to drive potential customers to an email opt in form. Once you have captured their email address, you can market to your potential customers over and over again.

Think about the amazing benefits of that…

Once your prospect is on your list, you own their email address forever. You can send them messages as often as you like, although it’s not always a good idea to bombard your customers with advertising messages.

But here’s the beauty of this option. Let’s say that you suddenly decide to have a tremendous sale at your company. You are offering 80% off on some your best products and services. You know that your customers are going to love the sale and they’re going to flock to your business as soon as they hear about it.

Since you’ve decided to hold the sale so quickly you do not have time to advertise via other channels. That’s why you should send out an email to all of the customers on your list. Let them know about the sale and you can advertise it for free and clean up and make plenty of money in the process.

As you can see, advertising via these methods is a great strategy for building your local business. Try it today.

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