GeoConquester Technical Explainer

The proprietary Geo-Conquester you will experience with us incorporates four core technologies that generate personalized digital advertising tactics designed specifically to win over customers directly from your competitors or life events such as needing to visit an emergency room due to an accident. We took our decades of experience in the digital marketing industry and collaborated with the brightest technological minds to help us bring the experience of advertising through Geo-Conquester to a whole new level of success for your business.
The result is a comprehensive, cutting-edge digital marketing technology that has never been implemented before.
Geo-Conquester is a sophisticated digital advertising process incorporating the coordination of four significant technologies.
The first step in the technology chain is Geo-Fencing the competitor’s locations or the location your target consumer may visit. This is the technology that allows you to digitally target people within a specified geographic area through access to the smartphone. (Such as every competitor or emergency room location) Our technology uses highly accurate and dependable satellite transmissions for this initial phase of Geo Fencing.
The second technology requires the ability to pull the advertising ID from a smartphone. This advanced technology is powerful and unique to what our company alone is able to accomplish. We have partnered with experts in the industry and engineered a process that allows us to access the advertising ID from both Android and iPhone through 180,000 apps that already reside on the consumer’s cell phone such as Google Maps. This is a significant part of the powerful, proprietary technology we have been able to streamline for maximum audience exposure. The advertising ID is a unique number on the smartphone that identifies the phone in a way that allows technology to follow that phone to any location, for the life of that phone.
The third step in the technology chain is known as Cross-Device Retargeting technology. In this step, the digital advertising capability is actually crossed over from the mobile device to the computers used by the same person with the cell phone. This could be their home, work or any other computer they may use. This continual tracking and targeted advertising continues indefinitely because any computer that the tracked smartphone user accesses will be continuously detected for future advertising.
The fourth and final piece of technology is world class display advertising. We can now use that advertising ID to show beautifully created, targeted display ads to users on all of their digital devices, such as their cell phone, at work or at home. This allows for ongoing marketing from your business to a targeted audience that is interested in what you have to offer anytime they access the Internet.
“You can literally steal your competitor’s best clients or be first to present your services by using our proprietary technology. We have seen incredible levels of success with this new technology in many industries.”
Ed “Edge” Neues – CEO
There are lots of companies who can target people with ads while they are within a certain geo-targeted area.
The problem with that is that people do not tend to take action as they surf the web on their phone at that specific point in time. We have discovered that people take action on the advertising they see when they have
downtime, either at their home or work computer when they are not typing with their fat thumbs.
“We can get their mobile advertising ID
even if they never use their phone while they are in the targeted area. They can have their phone in their pocket or purse the entire time … we get it anyway, which is where everyone else fails!” –
Ed “Edge” Neues – CEO
That is where all other advertisers fall short because once that customer leaves the geo-targeted area, they become a ghost. We, alone, have the capacity to grab the ad ID so we can allow you to follow that customer around with relevant ads for the life of that phone. This is especially powerful when you have a business promotion to offer a few weeks, or a few months into the future and you want this potential new perfectly targeted customer to see it. You essentially have all those Cross-Device Retargeted customers on an advertising leash for the life of their phones.

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