Customer Acquisition Cost Optimization Technology

Customer acquisition cost optimization is the most cost-effective strategy you can implement and can have an incredible impact on your profitability. The average website only converts 5% of visitors to a client acquisition opportunity. This means 95% of website visitors are anonymous and leave without submitting a lead.

What does it cost you to drive 20 visitors to your website? If you calculated your customer acquisition cost you understand the value of each of your captured clients. Add to that your lifetime value of each customer, losing 95% of your potential client acquisitions is a huge opportunity… not what you thought I was going to say ;-). If you could capture 35% of that 95% of anonymous visitors, your customer acquisition cost would plummet while skyrocketing your profitability.

How Does This Work?

On average 95% of website visitors leave without submitting a lead. Our technology converts up to 35% of these anonymous visitors into leads. We capture their name, verified email, home address, phone, financials, homeownership, net worth, and the vehicle they drive.

We will instantly send them a welcome thanks for visiting your site and offer them a coupon or any offer you choose. These are shoppers and if they did not purchase we need to give them a reason to buy now.

Our USA database has more than 250 million adults, 500 million devices, and is growing by 1mm people per day. We have partnered with over 15,000 websites and cookie 1 million visitors a day. We have just about every email in the USA in our opted-in database. That cookie has an MD5 hashed email address in it. You cannot decode an MD5 email, but the same email address will always encode to the same MD5.

We provide you with a unique code to place on your website site which is connected to our database of 500+ million USA emails that have opted in with our 3rd party partners.

Our tech can now accurately identify up to 35% of US internet traffic that visits your website (on average), across all devices and sessions. All emails have previously opted-in to receive promotions from our partner network (you).

Our code matches your site visitors to this opt-in database, verifies they have not already submitted a lead, and can send you their name, address, and validated email.

Customer acquisition cost qualified leads

These are the highest quality leads possible as they are potential buyers who visited your site interested in your products or services.

Our Data is 100% USA CAN-SPAM compliant.! We can provide a landing page URL where they originally opted-in, date of original opt-in, and opt-in source for every record.

Click here to view our legal packet! This is the most cost-effective way you will ever find to potentially triple your buyer leads and bottom line.

Want proof? Just try it.

I am so confident you will love our customer acquisition cost optimization service we will send you the first 25 high quality leads from your anonymous website visitors at no charge.

Please call me or schedule an appointment on my calendar for the most valuable 15 minutes you have ever spent.

Ed Neues, CEO