My fellow marketers say I am crazy for giving away this Omnipresence marketing book. While it is a quick read it actually contains everything you need to make your business Survive, Adapt, and Thrive in 2020. While most marketers sell you complex marketing courses for $1K for each step contained in this book I have provided you everything you need to know free. Please fill out the form below to receive your free book.

I have been a marketer for 20+ years and wrote this book to simply help businesses in these challenging times. My desire is for you to easily understand everything from website optimization, Google My Business optimization, offsite optimization, lead conversions, social marketing, converting leads into sales (all this costs you nothing to implement) and then I go into low cost, high converting paid marketing you can implement on your own.

That is why my fellow marketers say I am crazy. If I show you how you can do it all yourself for free why do you need to hire a marketer? First and foremost, I genuinely want to help. Second, I want you to fully understand everything needed to grow your business. Third if this helps your business grow, we can work together in the future to keep growing your business.

This is not just a book but also an interactive marketing course. Each week I will be discussing the different sections in the book and answering any questions you may have. I also provide you with various free marketing diagnostic reports for every marketing modality discussed and even offer free one on one brainstorm sessions focused on your business goals.

Please do not disregard this because it is free. I could make this course far more complex and charge $1,000’s for it but that would limit the businesses I could help. This is the most complete, easy to understand, fully supported, custom marketing course you will ever find.